Best IELTS Coaching Center in Trivandrum, Kerala

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IELTS in Trivandrum

Media One TV Confirms COSMO as India’s No.1 IELTS / OET Centre - COSMO, Trivandrum, Kochi & Kottayam:

Let's walk you through our Trivandrum Offline Center:

COSMO Centre Trivandrum has gained a reputation of being the best IELTS coaching institute and coaching center in Trivandrum & Kazhakuttam, Kerala. We have made IELTS Trivandrum examination as simple as a piece of cake. We are set apart from the rest of the IELTS training centres in Thiruvananthapuram in the way we approach all things deemed complex, be it Speaking, Writing, Reading or Listening. Hence it’s no surprise that the enviable distinction of having the most number of IELTS 7+ results in Trivandrum, Kerala and India has been achieved by COSMO IELTS training Center in Trivandrum for the last many years.

If you are looking for the finest IELTS training in Trivandrum & Kazhakoottam, then you have hit the bull's-eye with COSMO IELTS Preparation centre as we are the ONLY IELTS academy in India to teach Pattern based Writing and Method based Speaking techniques that makes IELTS Preparation Course in Trivandrum very simple for even non-English medium students.

We deconstruct complexity and provide it to you in a way you never thought possible. As a tribute to our efficacy, many IELTS Institutions in Trivandrum city and Kerala, India have employed faculty members who got trained by us. It is no coincidence that IELTS students from all over Kerala and India hail COSMO IELTS Trivandrum as the best IELTS training center in Kerala & India for the techniques that we teach.

Best IELTS Coaching in Trivandrum, Kerala

Watch a classroom Video of our unique IELTS Techniques :

Not every IELTS coaching centre in Trivandrum or Kerala has the wherewithal to teach you the tricks and techniques that you require to crack IELTS in Thiruvananthapuram & Kazhakuttam. A liberal dose of creativity and profound knowledge of the language is essential to manipulate the system to your advantage and we supply that in a nutshell to our IELTS Trivandrum students. Consequently, IELTS test in Kerala is made simple for you, whatever your time-frame is. It is not uncommon to find students from different parts of Kerala choose COSMO IELTS in Trivandrum as their preferred IELTS coaching centre not just for the amazing style of teaching but also the wide range of IELTS materials and notes that is impossible to get in any other training centre across Kerala. If you are after the best IELTS coaching institute in Kerala (India), then you can’t go wrong, if you choose COSMO IELTS coaching Academy, Trivandrum, Kerala.

IELTS Training in Trivandrum

We are hailed as the most favourite IELTS training centre in Trivandrum by students and trainers alike for the simple fact that we believe simplification of IELTS training in Trivandrum is a must, so that even weak students could confidently straddle the test and the better ones could achieve a perfect score with élan. With the right attitude, we can put you on course to a great IELTS 7+ score and hence a happy life thereafter.

IELTS Coaching in Trivandrum - Learn from the Experts

In a time when even travel agents in Kerala couch themselves as IELTS trainers, finding the best IELTS coaching center in Trivandrum is like a job half-done. Hence, half your effort to score a high band of 7+ in IELTS should be invested in zeroing in on the right coaching center/academy to train. We at COSMO IELTS Center in Trivandrum, train you to take on the mighty IELTS Goliath confidently, with our simple but effective techniques, just like the Biblical David had his.

We offer IELTS class timings in Trivandrum ( regular & online IELTS coaching) which is most convenient for nurses who are working in different hospitals across Trivandrum, Kerala and Gulf countries like Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia & Qatar.

We also help students with IELTS Exam registration and get them the best possible IELTS exam dates from British council or IDP. There are 5 IELTS exam centers in Kerala for British council viz, Trivandrum, Kottayam, Kochi, Thrissur and Calicut. IDP has IELTS exam centers in Trivandrum, Kollam, Kottayam, Thrissur and Calicut.

IDP has introduced computer-delivered IELTS, the same IELTS test you know but delivered via computer, with results within 5-7 days. IDP has introduced Computer delivered IELTS exam for the first time in 2020. Currently, you can take IELTS on computer in 20 Indian cities - New Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Chennai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Jalandhar, Bathinda,  Ludhiana, Gurgaon,Jaipur, Kochi,Noida,Surat, Thane, Vadodara, Vijayawada and choose from the multiple test sessions (subject to availability) in each city. It will be held on selected days, and registration is subject to availability of slots (Fee: INR 14000)

IELTS Online Training in Trivandrum

Now that ielts online training in Trivandrum, Kerala is getting popular among residents of Trivandrum and nearby areas like Attingal, COSMO is out there, with infinitely superior exam techniques that makes the scoring in exam that much more easier.

To know more about the IELTS Exam Fee / Test Dates in Trivandrum or about the IELTS Course fee in Trivandrum ( Classroom regular & Online IELTS coaching) , please contact our office @ 0471-4850212.

Cosmo’s Trivandrum IELTS Center is located @ Ayurveda College Junction, Thampanoor and is easily accessible from different parts of Trivandrum like Kazhakootam, Attingal, Chirayinkeezhu, Nedumangadu and for those coming from Kollam and Varkala as the Trivandrum Central railway station & Thampanoor Main Bus Station are just 1 minute walk from our institution.

COSMO IELTS Trivandrum Center Address

TC 81/1364, Sreemoolam Road,
Trivandrum - 695001

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COSMO Centre provides an excellent student experience in language learning through Pattern - Based teaching methods and strategies, which makes us a unique institution in Kerala, India. With thousands of happy students over the last many years, start your odyssey to greater heights with us. We don’t just meet your expectations, but we endeavour to exceed your expectations by a wide margin.

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News Update

Since IDP has acquired British Council’s IELTS centres in India, the last paper-based IELTS test from British Council India will be on 10 July.

The last computer-delivered IELTS test from British Council India will be on 24 July.

IDP’s Upcoming IELTS Academic Exam / Test Dates @ Exam Center : Trivandrum

Test Type Test Date Fee(INR) Result Date
Academic 11 May 2023 16250 24 May 2023
Academic 20 May 2023 16250 02 Jun 2023
Academic 27 May 2023 16250 09 Jun 2023
Academic 03 Jun 2023 16250 16 Jun 2023
Academic 10 Jun 2023 16250 23 Jun 2023
Academic 15 Jun 2023 16250 28 Jun 2023
Academic 24 Jun 2023 16250 07 Jul 2023
Academic 06 Jul 2023 16250 19 Jul 2023
Academic 15 Jul 2023 16250 28 Jul 2023
Academic 22 Jul 2023 16250 04 Aug 2023
Academic 29 Jul 2023 16250 11 Aug 2023
Academic 05 Aug 2023 16250 18 Aug 2023
Academic 10 Aug 2023 16250 23 Aug 2023
Academic 19 Aug 2023 16250 01 Sep 2023
Academic 26 Aug 2023 16250 08 Sep 2023
Academic 02 Sep 2023 16250 15 Sep 2023
Academic 09 Sep 2023 16250 22 Sep 2023
Academic 14 Sep 2023 16250 27 Sep 2023
Academic 23 Sep 2023 16250 06 Oct 2023
Academic 07 Oct 2023 16250 20 Oct 2023
Academic 12 Oct 2023 16250 25 Oct 2023
Academic 21 Oct 2023 16250 03 Nov 2023
Academic 28 Oct 2023 16250 10 Nov 2023
Academic 04 Nov 2023 16250 17 Nov 2023
Academic 09 Nov 2023 16250 22 Nov 2023
Academic 18 Nov 2023 16250 01 Dec 2023
Academic 25 Nov 2023 16250 08 Dec 2023
Academic 02 Dec 2023 16250 15 Dec 2023
Academic 09 Dec 2023 16250 22 Dec 2023
Academic 16 Dec 2023 16250 29 Dec 2023

IDP's Helpline : 1800-102-4544 (Toll Free) | 0124 - 4445999

IDP’s Upcoming IELTS General Exam / Test Dates @ Exam Center : Trivandrum

Test Type Test Date Fee(INR) Result Date
General Training 11 May 2023 16250 24 May 2023
General Training 27 May 2023 16250 09 Jun 2023
General Training 10 Jun 2023 16250 23 Jun 2023
General Training 24 Jun 2023 16250 07 Jul 2023
General Training 22 Jul 2023 16250 04 Aug 2023
General Training 29 Jul 2023 16250 11 Aug 2023
General Training 10 Aug 2023 16250 23 Aug 2023
General Training 26 Aug 2023 16250 08 Sep 2023
General Training 09 Sep 2023 16250 22 Sep 2023
General Training 23 Sep 2023 16250 06 Oct 2023
General Training 07 Oct 2023 16250 20 Oct 2023
General Training 28 Oct 2023 16250 10 Nov 2023
General Training 09 Nov 2023 16250 22 Nov 2023
General Training 25 Nov 2023 16250 08 Dec 2023
General Training 02 Dec 2023 16250 15 Dec 2023
General Training 16 Dec 2023 16250 29 Dec 2023

IDP's Helpline : 1800-102-4544 (Toll Free) | 0124 - 4445999



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The ONLY Academy in India to Train You in Pattern - Based And Concept - Based Techniques.

Speed Reading & Listening Techniques.

Simplified Course Structure.

Most IELTS 7+ Results in Kerala.

UK Faculty.

Unbeatable Study Materials.

Flexible Timings.

Affordable Fee.

We are based at Trivandrum, Kochi & Kottayam. At Trivandrum, we are located at the heart of the city, Thampanoor - just 5 minutes walk from Trivandrum Central Train Station & Bus Station.

We train you in Concept-Based & Pattern-Based Techniques which are developed and taught ONLY @ COSMO in INDIA.

Please call our friendly staff @ 9645220486 who would be absolutely happy to help you out. Alternatively, you could drop in to our center and enrol yourself.

Simplicity is how we define ourselves. Simplicity in everything we do. Simplicity is all that matters.