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Overseas Education Consultant Trivandrum & Kochi

Your life-changing, international educational experience begins with us, COSMO- Kerala’s most trusted Overseas Education Consultancy. We offer free counselling to students aspiring to study in the United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Ireland, China and Philippines. COSMO will help you fly places. We help you make informed career decisions. Our expertise lies in advising students about study opportunities abroad in 9 countries.

Students wishing to study abroad in Canada, US, UK, New Zealand and Australia can now avail of the most trustworthy advice from COSMO Study Abroad Centre, (Trivandrum & Kochi) which aims to make sure your best interests are served. As the most reliable study abroad agency / overseas education consultant in Trivandrum Kerala, we ensure you are given the possible start to your life abroad. As an experienced player in the field of Overseas education agency / Study Abroad consultant in Trivandrum, we ensure visa success - whichever country you wish to study. Our success with ensuring visa success has not only landed us the coveted position of top overseas education consultancy in Trivandrum and Kochi, but also earned the trust of thousands of overseas students and those who are looking for the best study abroad consultants in Trivandrum, Kerala. At COSMO study abroad consultancy, Trivandrum, we don't just secure admission for you , but get the best possible college / university that should propel your career abroad in those countries.

With COSMO Study Abroad Consultancy, Trivandrum nad Kochi, you can rest assured as your career and future is in safe hands.

Our Vision

To be one of the largest and most trusted Organisation helping young people build careers through advice on education options, products and services.

Our Mission

We provide reliable and professional advice and educational products to students in order to empower them to develop their career.

Core Values

Conviction, Drive, Adventure, Rigor, Genuine, Trustworthy, Respect

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Simplicity is how we define ourselves. Simplicity in everything we do. Simplicity is all that matters.