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Are you a healthcare professional? Are you looking forward to work and settle abroad? Then, the Occupational English Test (OET) is the first hurdle in your way to reach a bright career abroad. OET is the healthcare-specific English language test for medical professionals like nurses, doctors, physiotherapists Ernakulam. It assesses the language proficiency of healthcare professionals looking to register and practice in an English- speaking environment.

We at Cosmo Kochi, provide you elite OET training in Kochi to help you secure the best OET score to confirm your future prospects of working as a registered nurse or in selected healthcare departments.

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OET Kochi - Do you know these 9 Patterns ?

Cosmo is the leading OET Training Centre in Ernakulam that offers  OET coaching in Kerala for Nurses. COSMO OET Kochi Academy is well known around the country for the grand OET results.

At Cosmo Cochin, we follow unique strategies which will enable you to secure B grade in all four sections of the OET Test in Cochin, thereby making you qualify for your career abroad.

If you are looking for OET training in Ernakulam, then come to Cosmo OET Coaching Center in Kochi. We provide you with state-of-the-art facilities and latest materials to crack the exam with ease. Our major speciality is our experienced OET faculty with vast teaching background. They will help you in passing your OET test in Ernakulam with required grades.

Our OET Kochi sessions are designed in such a way that equal importance is given to reading, writing, listening, and speaking hence making the students well set to shine in their OET Kerala exams. Keeping up with the current advents in technology our classes are equipped with excellent infrastructure, which will your OET learning in Ernakulam, easier and efficient.  Our exclusive OET listening labs offer you exactly the same experience and atmosphere that you will encounter during the real OET exam in Cochin. Individual attention is another speciality of the OET classes at Cosmo Kochi. Our faculty make sure that every student's doubts are cleared and needs are met. One on one speaking and feedback sessions are provided for every student who chooses to pursue OET Coaching in Ernakulam through Cosmo.

OET Training Academy Ernakulam (Cochin):

With Cosmo OET Training academy at Kochi, you stand a better chance of gaining a B-grade and above scores in OET with the assistance of excellent faculty and world class facilities.  At Cosmo OET coaching centre, Ernakulam, you will find a learning-friendly atmosphere and you would be trained to stay proactive to work towards your dream. If you are searching for the best OET coaching institute in Kerala, then you can never go wrong with Cosmo OET Training Institute in Kochi, Kerala, which can guarantee you the best OET coaching in Cochin and exclusive study materials. We have a vast collection of the OET 2.0 latest materials which if practised well, should secure you a full B grade, within a short span of time.

Be trained in OET 2.0 from the experts in OET Ernakulam for best results. For OET in kochi / OET Training in Vytilla, please contact us at 99471 15486.

We give convenient OET class times ( regular and online class) for nurses who work.  We can assist you with OET exam registration and dates as per your requirement at our elite OET Training center in Vytilla. There are two OET exam centres in Kerala, namely Trivandrum and Cochin.

To know more about OET classes / exam dates/ batch details / timings in Kochi or Ernakulam, please contact Cosmo OET Coaching Centre Ernakulam office at 0484-4875599 / 73562 20069. The OET Exam Fee in India is 587 Australian Dollars or in Indian Currency, it’s 30000 approximately. ( Not to be confused with the OET Coaching fee ). It can vary as per the exchange rate of the day.

There is no time to waste, enroll at Cosmo Centre, Vytilla, Ernakulam, straightaway for we guide you to make your dream of working and settling abroad come true.

See you at COSMO Vytilla- The Best OET Training Centre in Kochi, Kerala.

Listening sub-test

(approximately 45 minutes)

The Listening sub-test consists of three parts:

  • Part A: Two separate consultation between a healthcare professional and a patient
  • Part B: Six short dialogues or monologues in workplace settings
  • Part C: Two long presentations or interviews with health professionals

The content for this sub-test is the same for all candidates irrespective of profession.

Reading sub-test

(60 minutes)

The Reading sub-test consists of three parts:

  • Part A: An expeditious (fast) reading task
  • Part B: Six short workplace extracts
  • Part C: Two long presentation passages

The content for this sub-test is the same for all candidates irrespective of profession.

Writing sub-test

(45 minutes)

You will be asked to write a letter - usually a referral letter, based on case notes. In this letter you should:

  • record treatment offered to date
  • explain the relevant issues to be addressed (based on given instruction)
  • show that you have considered the facts and information
  • write 180-200 words, set out in an appropriate format.

The content for this sub-test is profession specific.

3 Types of Letter

  • Referal
  • Transfer
  • Discharge


  • Updation letter
  • Home visit
  • Community health nurse
  • Specialist letter
  • G. P.
  • Information letter (Parent, Group)

Speaking sub-test

(approximately 20 minutes)

This assesses your clinical communication skills. It consists of two simulated consultations between a healthcare professionals and a patient. In these role-plays you will take the role of the practitioner and the interviewer plays the patient or patient’s relative/carer (or for veterinary science, the animal’s owner/carer).

The content for this sub-test is profession specific.

  • 2 role-play card

Total: 20 – 25 minutes

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