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Do you want to work as a nurse in English speaking countries? Are you planning to write OET in Kottayam district ???

Stop thinking and start your OET training in Kottayam with COSMO, where we teach you OET in very simplified manner, help you to acquire a great score and make you qualified to work in the UK, AUSTRALIA ,IRELAND or NewZealand.

COSMO OET Coaching in Kottayam evaluates the English proficiency of health professionals like nurses,doctors, physiotherapists who are looking to register and practice in English speaking countries.

Cosmo OET Coaching Center in Kottayam provides you eminent coaching in the four differnt modules of OET with complete individual coaching to confirm your future prospects of working as a registered health professional in your dream country. We have regular individual feedback discussions for OET Students in Kottayam on speaking and writing subtests along with strategies to develop skills for each of the sub-tests as well as regular OET mock tests to evaluate yourself and proffer you comprehensive, updated COSMO OET Kottayam materials for your practice through our online portal which you can access from anywhere, anytime.

Best OET Coaching Centre in Kottayam

OET Kottayam - Do you know these 9 Patterns ?

If you are looking for the best OET Training in Kottayam, you can’t go wrong if you choose Cosmo OET training centre in Kottayam district. With the unique OET materials we possess and with the well trained faculty, we at COSMO OET Kottayam Center will help you to attain a full B score in OET.

Complete individual attention is the key forte of COSMO OET training centre Kottayam ! We make sure that all our student's doubts are clarified at our OET Class in Kottayam and one to one speaking feedback provided to every student. You will be given strategies at our COSMO OET Kottayam Centre on how to approach the different parts of the OET test, after which you will receive detailed feedback and further practice to ensure the best possible result in the OET exam, which is conducted at Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram or anywhere else in the world.

Our OET coaching classrooms at Kottayam are well equipped and the listening lab is designed to provide each student with crystal clear,high quality audio that makes your OET listening hassle-free.

The OET materials that we make available for our students at Kottayam district through our online portal is something. that no other academy can think of.

Cosmo OET Coaching Academy Kottayam:

Cosmo OET Training at Kottayam provides you special attention for all the four modules of Listening, Reading,Writing and speaking with exclusive materials,futuristic classrooms and listening lab. If you want to experience a learner-friendly environment and experienced OET trainers with top class facilities, you would be best advised to enrol now at COSMO OET coaching Academy Kottayam , the best OET coaching Academy in Kerala . We have the most updated materials and OET trained faculty for nurses at Kottayam district.

We give convenient OET class times ( regular and online class) for nurses who work in an around Kottayam district.

We can assist you with OET exam registration and dates as per your requirement at our OET Training center in Kottayam district. The OET Exam Fee in India is 587 Australian Dollars or in Indian Currency, it’s 30000 approximately. ( Not to be confused with the OET Training fee ). It can vary as per the exchange rate of the day.

To know more about the OET Exam Fee / OET Test Dates in Kerala or about the OET Coaching fee ( Classroom regular & Online OET Training) , please contact our friendly COSMO Kottayam staff @ 9544817081,9745220486.

Listening sub-test

(approximately 45 minutes)

The Listening sub-test consists of three parts:

  • Part A: Two separate consultation between a healthcare professional and a patient
  • Part B: Six short dialogues or monologues in workplace settings
  • Part C: Two long presentations or interviews with health professionals

The content for this sub-test is the same for all candidates irrespective of profession.

Reading sub-test

(60 minutes)

The Reading sub-test consists of three parts:

  • Part A: An expeditious (fast) reading task
  • Part B: Six short workplace extracts
  • Part C: Two long presentation passages

The content for this sub-test is the same for all candidates irrespective of profession.

Writing sub-test

(45 minutes)

You will be asked to write a letter - usually a referral letter, based on case notes. In this letter you should:

  • record treatment offered to date
  • explain the relevant issues to be addressed (based on given instruction)
  • show that you have considered the facts and information
  • write 180-200 words, set out in an appropriate format.

The content for this sub-test is profession specific.

3 Types of Letter

  • Referal
  • Transfer
  • Discharge


  • Updation letter
  • Home visit
  • Community health nurse
  • Specialist letter
  • G. P.
  • Information letter (Parent, Group)

Speaking sub-test

(approximately 20 minutes)

This assesses your clinical communication skills. It consists of two simulated consultations between a healthcare professionals and a patient. In these role-plays you will take the role of the practitioner and the interviewer plays the patient or patient’s relative/carer (or for veterinary science, the animal’s owner/carer).

The content for this sub-test is profession specific.

  • 2 role-play card

Total: 20 – 25 minutes

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COSMO Centre provides an excellent student experience in language learning through Pattern - Based teaching methods and strategies, which makes us a unique institution in Kerala, India. With thousands of happy students over the last many years, start your odyssey to greater heights with us. We don’t just meet your expectations, but we endeavour to exceed your expectations by a wide margin.

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Upcoming OET Exam / Test Dates @ Kottayam, Kerala

Exam Date Application Opening Day Result Publishing Day
01 Jun 2024 25 Aug 2023 - 08 May 2024 19 Jun 2024
22 Jun 2024 25 Aug 2023 - 27 May 2024 09 Jul 2024
06 Jul 2024 25 Aug 2023 - 12 Jun 2024 23 Jul 2024
20 Jul 2024 25 Aug 2023 - 26 Jun 2024 06 Aug 2024
03 Aug 2024 25 Aug 2023 - 10 Jul 2024 20 Aug 2024
17 Aug 2024 25 Aug 2023 - 24 Jul 2024 03 Sep 2024
31 Aug 2024 25 Aug 2023 - 07 Aug 2024 17 Sep 2024
14 Sep 2024 25 Aug 2023 - 21 Aug 2024 15 Oct 2024
28 Sep 2024 25 Aug 2023 - 04 Sep 2024 15 Oct 2024
12 Oct 2024 25 Aug 2023 - 18 Sep 2024 29 Oct 2024
26 Oct 2024 25 Aug 2023 - 02 Oct 2024 13 Nov 2024
09 Nov 2024 25 Aug 2023 - 16 Oct 2024 26 Nov 2024
23 Nov 2024 25 Aug 2023 - 28 Oct 2024 10 Dec 2024
07 Dec 2024 25 Aug 2023 - 13 Nov 2024 24 Dec 2024



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