IELTS Online Coaching In Kerala, India

IELTS Online Training in Kerala India

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COSMO Center for IELTS Online Training in Kerala has gained a reputation of being the best IELTS coaching institute and online training center in India. We have made IELTS examination as simple as a piece of cake for our online students. We are set apart from the rest of the IELTS Online Training Centres in India in the way we approach all things deemed complex, be it Speaking, Writing, Reading or Listening. Hence it’s no surprise that the enviable distinction of having the most number of IELTS 7+ results in Kerala and India has been achieved by COSMO IELTS Online Coaching Academy, Kerala for the last many years.

If you are looking for the finest IELTS Course in India, then you have hit the bull's-eye with COSMO IELTS Online Preparation center as we are the ONLY IELTS Academy in India to teach Pattern based Writing and Method based Speaking techniques that makes IELTS Course very simple for even non-English medium students.

With friendly tutors to teach such high-brow content, success in IELTS exam shouldn't be too faraway for any aspirant looking IELTS Online Training in Kerala, with COSMO. It's no coincidence that COSMO Online IELTS Academy is considered to be the best online IELTS training in Kerala and India. Our Online IELTS Coaching in Kerala, is flexible and most trusted in India as it comes with the hallmark of a COSMO guarantee.

We also provide you with free IELTS preparation materials which includes original and innovative content designed personally by a team of experts under the guidance of Prof. Allen at COSMO Online IELTS Training Centre in Kerala, India.Our Online IELTS coaching kit comes equipped with comprehensive IELTS training materials which would help students practise extensively and be well prepared for the IELTS exam.

Get trained by the best IELTS online coaching center in Kerala and India and save your time, effort and energy preparing and writing IELTS ad nauseam, as we simplify IELTS beyond your wildest expectations.

IELTS Online Coaching in India.

Watch a classroom Video of our unique IELTS Techniques :

We have IELTS Online tutors in India who can teach you the techniques that can take you past 7+ in IELTS exam. Our experienced Online tutors provide IELTS online training through Skype in India or through Whatsapp / IMO etc. Those looking for IELTS online training in Hyderabad, Bangalore or Chennai can contact our office directly at 90744 07881‬. The course offered by online IELTS training providers in Delhi, India or abroad do not teach you the techniques like Method Based Speaking and Pattern Based Writing which we teach to our students, both online and classroom. The simple techniques like these make your IELTS Online Preparation in India, a lot easy and effortless that passing IELTS becomes a walk in the park. For a free online IELTS training demo session of our techniques, please Click here

The YouTube demo session can give you a glimpse of our powerful IELTS techniques which has propelled many of our online IELTS students from disadvantaged backgrounds gain full 7 plus scores. We at COSMO Online IELTS & OET Coaching Centre, Kerala India, we provide you the best online IELTS training in India that you can imagine. Our IELTS online coaching course in India shall focus on the weak areas of the students and make sure they improve big time within the IELTS Online regular course duration of one month. (We provide short term online courses like 2 weeks program and longer term courses that run for 2 months )

IELTS Online Training in Kerala, India

Enrol now for our Online IELTS Training in Kerala ( India ), which has had student satisfaction rate which is unrivalled and unparalleled by any existing IELTS online service providers or IELTS institutions in Kerala or India.

With IELTS Online training requests pouring in from different parts of India( Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore etc) and the world ( Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Philipines and Africa), it would be prudent to book your place well in advance as we have a waiting list, especially during the peak period (from February to July).

Please call our friendly staff at COSMO IELTS Online Preparation Centre @ 0471-4850212, Trivandrum ( Kerala) who would guide you through the procedures with a smile.

Benefits of COSMO’s IELTS Online Coaching in India :

If you are looking to crack IELTS Online - India - then try our technique laden coaching that boasts of sheer quality. Nothing less for the most discerning online students.

With thousands of Overseas education and migration candidates having cleared IELTS through our Technique Based IELTS Online Training in India, its your turn now.

If you have tried other IELTS Online Coaching providers or the free IELTS Online courses or preparing for IELTS at home and have been unsuccessful, it’s high time you tried out our technique based IELTS Online coaching in India that has lifted the fortunes of many IELTS General & Academic Students in India and the world. We provide IELTS Online coaching in India for both Academic and General aspirants.

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COSMO Centre provides an excellent student experience in language learning through Pattern - Based teaching methods and strategies, which makes us a unique institution in Kerala, India. With thousands of happy students over the last many years, start your odyssey to greater heights with us. We don’t just meet your expectations, but we endeavour to exceed your expectations by a wide margin.

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British Council’s Upcoming IELTS Academic & General Exam / Test Dates in India

Date Trivandrum Chennai Delhi Kochi

Date B'lore Hydr'bad Coimbatore Calicut

British Council's Helpline : +91 120 4569 000 | +91 120 6684 353

IDP’s Upcoming IELTS Academic & General Exam / Test Dates in Kerala

Month Module Date City
Nov AC/GT 21/11/2020 Angamaly / Calicut / Kochi / Kollam / Kottayam / Thrissur / Trivandrum
AC 28/11/2020 Angamaly / Kochi / Kottayam / Thrissur / Trivandrum
AC/GT 12/11/2020 Angamaly / Calicut / Kochi / Kothamangalam / Kollam / Kottayam / Thrissur / Trivandrum / Kannur
AC 07/11/2020 Calicut / Kochi / Kottayam / Trivandrum
Dec AC/GT 05/12/2020 Angamaly / Calicut / Kochi / Kothamangalam / Kollam / Kottayam / Thrissur / Trivandrum
AC 12/12/2020 Angamaly / Calicut / Kochi / Kottayam / Thrissur / Trivandrum
AC/GT 19/12/2020 Angamaly / Calicut / Kochi / Kothamangalam / Kollam / Kottayam / Thrissur / Trivandrum

IDP's Helpline : 1800-102-4544 (Toll Free) | 0124 - 4445999



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